High Precision Testing Machines

At Tealth, we prioritize the use of professional machining machines to ensure the production of high-quality dental handpiece components. We understand the importance of efficiency, stability, and superior performance in our products.

To achieve these goals, we utilize high-precision imported instruments for the machining of our components. This ensures the stability of internal parts such as cartridges, shafts, and impellers, as well as other components of the handpiece. The result is a product that exhibits low noise, limited vibration, durability, and stability, comparable to renowned international brands.

Efficiency is a key focus in our manufacturing process. Our machines are designed to deliver high productivity, ensuring that production tasks are completed in a timely manner and enhancing overall efficiency.

Stability is another crucial aspect of our production. Our machines consistently produce components of the highest quality, guaranteeing stability and consistency throughout the manufacturing process. This not only improves the overall quality of our products but also ensures the reliability and performance that our customers expect.

Flexibility is also a key feature of our machines. They are designed to adapt to the diverse production needs of different processes, enhancing the flexibility and adaptability of our production line.

At Tealth, we are committed to providing high-quality dental handpieces that meet and exceed industry standards. Our focus on efficiency, stability, and superior performance ensures that our products are reliable and highly regarded in the market.

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