Cnotra angle:
*The nose can be used with KAVO,M&K,BEING, etc
*Low maintenance cost, subsequent product damage, only need to spend a small part of the money, you can replace the nose, no need to pay the fuselage cost
*The design of changeable head enriches the use function of the product, finishing, polishing and orthodontic
Straight handpiece:
High performance straight machine, more stable work, more quiet, long service life, comparable to the international brand
Air motor:
*The contact surface is made of stainless steel, which is more durable
*Independent wiring of water pipe to effectively prevent blockage
*High quality O-ring, wear-resistant and water-resistant
*It can be connected to ISO E-type mobile phone
Order code: S-10
Internal irrigation low speed kit, including contra angle 1pcs, straight handpiece 1pcs, air motor 1pcs.
Exchangeable heads, there are CA/FG bur heads for individual choice.
CA bur used 2.35mm bur, FG bur used 1.60mm bur.
Order Code: S-01
LED internal irrigation low speed kit including: LED contra angle 1pcs, straight handpiece 1pcs, air motor 1pcs.
LED contra angle, E-generator, self-illuminated, push button chuck type.
CA bur 2.35mm and FG bur 1.60mm heads for choice.
4 or 2 holes air motor connector, fit for different customers needs.
Order Code: S-13
Fiber optic low speed dental handpiece kit including: fiber optic contra angle 1pcs, fiber optic air motor 1pcs, fiber optic straight handpiece 1pcs
Internal irrigation spray, perfect cooling system.
Fiber optic light source, more stable
Exchangeable contra angle head, fit for most brands in the market
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