Tealth 4:1 reduction endo handfile contra angle dental handpiece, 4:1 reduction gear speed, more powerful.
4:1 endo contra angle, used with hand file, reciprocating movement.
Order No. R04N-51C
Easy to exchange the heads, there are CA bur heads, Hand file using heads for choice.
2.35mm heads used for prophy.
Three different movements heads can be choiced, 1.4mm up&down movment, 0.4mm up&down movement,reciprocating movement.
Order code: L6-07
Tealth® 0.4mm up&down movement endo contra angle head
Used for endodontics, with handfile
Push button chuck type
Order code: L6-08
1.4mm UP&Down Movement Endo head
Used in Endodontics, up and down movement, fit for Tealth®, Kavo®..
1.4mm up & down
Push button chuck type
Hand Ues File
Order code: E16N-01C
16:1 endo heaf fit for wireless endo motor
16:1 reduction gear rate
Fit for Nsk®, Densply® endo motors...
Order code: E01N-01C
Tealth® 1:1 Endo head fit for wireless endo motor
Push button chuck type, fit for most brands in the market.
Tealth® Dental wireless endo dental motor handpiece is small in size and easy to carry. Wireless endo motor is used in endodontics, which has a long service life.
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