Order code: I04F-01C
1:4.2 Fiber optic 45 degree contra angle surgical handpiece
1. Internal irrigation & external irrigation
2. Fiber optic
3. 1:4.2 increased speed
4. Applicable with FG bur
5. 45° , better view
Tealth® 4:1 reduction speed Saw blades for surgical handpiece.
Tealth® saw straight handpiece even after many times of use at maximum speed, consistently high cutting performance is still guaranteed.
4:1 reduction speed with high torque, stronger power.
Order code: SIN-02C

Surgical Internal & External spray straight handpiece

1.Internal cooling system with extra water tube
2.Excellent atomization makes complete flushing
3.Waterpipe/ airtube sepatated structure
Order code: SEN-09C

1:3 increasing speed straight handpiece
More faster, more stronger
1:3 increasing speed gear ratio
2.35mm bur size
Order code: R20L-01C

20:1 LED implant conrta angle dental handpiece
LED 20:1 implant handpiece, generator inside, self-illuminted
Button type chuck.
Internal and external irrigation system.
Provides sufficient force at low speed.
Max torque 70Ncm
Ergonomic comfort grip.
Reasonable price and excellent performance.
Compatible with all e-type motors(NSK, Aseptico,W&H,Nouvag Acteon,KAVO).
One Year warranty.
Tealth 1:5 increased speed red fiber optic contra angle dental handpiece, surgical contra angle.
1:5 increasing high speed, high torque, more powerful.
Fiber optic light source, which has more stable light.
Order code: SEN-05C (sliver) / SEN-07C (blue)

Dental surgical stright handpiece, with external irrigation
1.Easy removal and easy assembly
2. Extra water tube for more functions
Order code: SEN-07C (blue) / SEN-05C (sliver)

Dental surgical straight dental handpiece
1.Easy removal and easy assembly
2. Extra water tube for more functions
Order code: SQN-01C
Surgical saw staright dental handpiece
Designed for osteotomy in treatment of oral surgery, help making more precise and safer operations.
Cutting motion type:
1.8mm back and forth movement
Order code: R20F-01C

20:1 Fiber Optic Implant contra angle dental handpiece

Push button type;
Rotation Speed:5~2000RPM
Fiber optic, more stable light source
Special design of the surface,dustproof,safer and more hygeian
Sterilization Temperature:135°C
Applicable Bur:Φ2.345-2.355mm
Connector:E type connector,20:1 implant dental handpiece,match up with Switerland,Japan,Korea and China implant dental system
Order code: R20N-04C

20:1 High torque implant contra angle
20:1 reduction gear ratio, used in dental implant
Push button chuck, easy to operate
High torque, more than 70N.cm, more durable
Easy to assemble and split
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