Tealth® 4:1 reduction speed Saw blades for surgical handpiece.
Introducing Tealth® Saw Blades for Surgical Handpiece, designed to deliver exceptional cutting performance and durability.

Our Tealth® saw blades are specifically engineered to maintain high cutting performance even after repeated use at maximum speed. This ensures consistent and reliable results for surgical procedures.

Equipped with a 4:1 reduction speed, our saw blades offer high torque and stronger power. This enables efficient and precise cutting, even through tough materials.

The Tealth® saw straight handpiece is designed for comfort and ease of use. Its ergonomic design ensures a secure grip and optimal control during surgical procedures.

With Tealth® saw blades for surgical handpiece, you can trust in the quality and performance of our products. Experience the difference of our high-quality blades that deliver consistent cutting performance, even after multiple uses.

Choose Tealth® for reliable and high-performing saw blades for your surgical handpiece. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how they can benefit your surgical practice.
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