Order code:T-03
High & low speed dental handpiece kit including: External irrigation low speed 1kit, high speed dental handpieces 2pcs.
1.External irrigation
2.Chuck type:Latch type
3.Detachable head,
4.Torque head
5.Single spray
Order code: T-11
LED high & low speed dental handpieces kit including: led low speed handpiece 1 kit, led high speed handpiece 2pcs.
LED contra angle, self-illuminated, E-generator, bright light.
LED high speed handpiece, ceramic bearings, with perfect cooling
Internal irrigation, separated air tube & water pipe
Order code: T-02
Introducing the High & Low Speed Student Dental Handpiece Set

The High & Low Speed Student Dental Handpiece Set is a comprehensive kit designed specifically for dental students. This set includes a range of handpieces and accessories to meet the various needs of dental procedures and training.

Key Features:
1. Latch Type Low Speed Handpiece: The set includes a latch type low-speed handpiece, which is essential for performing precision tasks such as polishing, finishing, and prophylaxis. This handpiece ensures smooth and controlled movements for accurate results.

2. LED High Speed Handpiece: The set includes two LED high-speed handpieces, which are crucial for efficient and precise cutting and drilling procedures. The LED lighting provides enhanced visibility, allowing students to work with precision and confidence.

3. External Irrigation Low Speed Kit: The set also includes an external irrigation low-speed kit, which is used for procedures that require water spray. This kit enables efficient cooling and irrigation during procedures, ensuring patient comfort and optimal results.

4. Latch Type Contra Angle and Straight Handpiece: The set includes a latch type contra angle and a silver straight handpiece. These handpieces offer versatility and flexibility for a wide range of procedures, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in various dental techniques.

5. Air Motor: The set includes a 2 or 4 holes air motor, which is compatible with the low-speed handpieces. The air motor provides the necessary power and control for smooth and precise movements during dental procedures.

6. LED High Speed Turbine: The set includes an LED high-speed turbine with 8 holes water spray. This turbine offers high-speed cutting and drilling capabilities, ensuring efficient and effective treatment.

In summary, the High & Low Speed Student Dental Handpiece Set is a comprehensive kit that provides dental students with the essential handpieces and accessories for their training and procedures. With a latch type low-speed handpiece, LED high-speed handpieces, external irrigation low-speed kit, latch type contra angle, straight handpiece, and air motor, this set offers versatility and functionality. It is designed to enhance students' learning experience and prepare them for their future dental practice.
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