Cnotra angle:
*The nose can be used with KAVO,M&K,BEING, etc
*Low maintenance cost, subsequent product damage, only need to spend a small part of the money, you can replace the nose, no need to pay the fuselage cost
*The design of changeable head enriches the use function of the product, finishing, polishing and orthodontic
Straight handpiece:
High performance straight machine, more stable work, more quiet, long service life, comparable to the international brand
Air motor:
*The contact surface is made of stainless steel, which is more durable
*Independent wiring of water pipe to effectively prevent blockage
*High quality O-ring, wear-resistant and water-resistant
*It can be connected to ISO E-type mobile phone
Order Code: S-03
External irrigation low speed latch type kit including: latch type contra angle 1pcs, straight handpiece 1pcs, air motor 1pcs.
1. Latch type chuck, easy to use
2. High quality
3. 4 or 2 holes air motor connectors for choice
4. Made of aluminum
Order code: T-02
High & low speed student dental handpiece kit including: latch type low speed handpiece 1set, led high speed handpiece 2 pcs.
External irrigation low speed kit, latch type contra angle, sliver straight handpiece, 2 or 4 holes air motor.
LED high speed turbine, 8 holes water spray
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