Tealth Dental Brushless Electric Motor
1. Troque head, powerful
2. Quiet, noise less than 60dB
3. Motor size: Φ22*L71mm
4. Voltage : DC24V

Packing List:
- Motor:1PCS
-Control PC board:1PCS
-Power adapter jack :1PCS

* Micromotor is brushless, permanent magnet electrical micromotor, use for artificel lab and dentistry clinic

* Built in type, for dental chair.

* Handpiece with LED Light

* With air motor

* With control panel

* This Micromotor has 4 speed rates: 1:1 1:5 16:1 1:4.2

* ISO E type motor handpiece
TEALTH dental Surgical drive system self pumping water electric motor
Electric motor composes of motor, control unit, foot control and Coolant solution hanger post.
It is intended for use in dental oral surgery and surgical procedures by qualified personnel.
Order code: DIL-21C

CE: 3050EM-1

Brushless motor

Torque: 17N.cm

Rotation speed 0-50,000r/min

Cooling water: 0-100ml/min

Self-pumping water
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