Order code: R20F-01C

20:1 Fiber Optic Implant contra angle dental handpiece

Push button type;
Rotation Speed:5~2000RPM
Fiber optic, more stable light source
Special design of the surface,dustproof,safer and more hygeian
Sterilization Temperature:135°C
Applicable Bur:Φ2.345-2.355mm
Connector:E type connector,20:1 implant dental handpiece,match up with Switerland,Japan,Korea and China implant dental system
Order code: R20N-04C

20:1 High torque implant contra angle
20:1 reduction gear ratio, used in dental implant
Push button chuck, easy to operate
High torque, more than 70N.cm, more durable
Easy to assemble and split
Order code: R10N-51C
1.Internal irrigation, 10:1 reduction ratio
2.Push button type
3.Dental Endo 10:1 reciprocating handpiece
4.Hand Ues File head
5.Just invest with one shank, choice different heads, more economical.
Order code: T-02
High & low speed student dental handpiece kit including: latch type low speed handpiece 1set, led high speed handpiece 2 pcs.
External irrigation low speed kit, latch type contra angle, sliver straight handpiece, 2 or 4 holes air motor.
LED high speed turbine, 8 holes water spray
Order code: T-04
LED high & low speed dental handpieces kit including: led low speed handpiece 1 kit, led high speed handpiece 2pcs.
LED contra angle, self-illuminated, E-generator, bright light.
LED high speed handpiece, ceramic bearings, with perfect cooling
Internal irrigation, separated air tube & water pipe
Order code:T-03
High & low speed dental handpiece kit including: internal irrigation low speed 1kit, high speed dental handpieces 2pcs.
1.Internal irrigation
2.Push button type
3.Deatchable head, CA bur/ FG bur head for indibidual choice.
4.Standard or Torque
5.Triple spray
Order Code: S-13
Fiber optic low speed dental handpiece kit including: fiber optic contra angle 1pcs, fiber optic air motor 1pcs, fiber optic straight handpiece 1pcs
Internal irrigation spray, perfect cooling system.
Fiber optic light source, more stable
Exchangeable contra angle head, fit for most brands in the market
Order Code: S-01
LED internal irrigation low speed kit including: LED contra angle 1pcs, straight handpiece 1pcs, air motor 1pcs.
LED contra angle, E-generator, self-illuminated, push button chuck type.
CA bur 2.35mm and FG bur 1.60mm heads for choice.
4 or 2 holes air motor connector, fit for different customers needs.
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