• Tealth Dental Brushless Electric Motor
  • Tealth Dental Brushless Electric Motor
  • Tealth Dental Brushless Electric Motor
  • Tealth Dental Brushless Electric Motor

Tealth Dental Brushless Electric Motor

Brand: Tealth

Product origin: China

Delivery time: within 3 working days

Supply capacity: 10000 pcs/year

Tealth Dental Brushless Electric Motor
Packing List:
- Motor:1PCS
-Control PC board:1PCS
-Power adapter jack :1PCS

1. Troque head, powerful
2. Quiet, noise less than 60dB
3. Motor size: Φ22*L71mm
4. Voltage : DC24V


Tealth Dental Brushless Electric Motor

Product name: Tealth internal irrigation electric motor 

Order Code: M2

Water spray: Internal irrigation

Connector: ISO strandard E-type 

Separated air tube & water pipe, perfect cooling system.

Motor type

Direct current brushless motor



Operation mode



2000-40,000 rpm



Coolant gas

6-8 NL/min(0.2MPa)


121℃20 minute,or 132℃15 minute

Motor size




brushless electric motor

slow speed dental handpiece

dental micromotor


Step1: Fix motor’s control PC board directly in the dental unit’s instrument tray box, then connect a 4 holes handpiece tubing to control PC board.

Step2:Connect motor to control PC board’s motor tubing, then put the motor on the handpiece pylons.

Connect electricity to the control panel,turn on power,take out the motor,then you can control the motor by foot pedal.

Operation Instruction1.Control panel’s sign and functionsbrushless electric motor 

2.Turn on the switch, when light is on, the motor running .  

3. Press speed adjust button to adjust speed.

4.Press REV,when light is green it is clockwise rotate; when light is orange it is anti clockwise rotate.

5. Press and hold REV button for 3 seconds to turn on or off motor.

6.This product has 3 speed rate,1:5.1:1.16:1;when use contra angle for different speed ratio,the speed display is the head’s speed ratio.Press speed rate button to choose correct rate for the head you are using,and the rate button will light on.  

Warning:Do not press REV when motor is running.


Use alcohol to wipe the motor and control panel everyday to keep it clean.

* It is absolutely forbidden to use oxidized ionized water (strongly oxidized water, peroxide water) or disinfectant for cleaning, soaking and wiping.

Contra angle speed rate

Speed range







1 .When O ring is broken, replace it in time.

2 .Autoclave the motor for 20 min. at 121 or for 15 min at 132℃.

3. Working pressure:  0.2Mpa

4. Handpiece tubing connector: 4 holes

5.Rate of cooling-air flow: 65mL/min.

6.Continuous operation for 60min, rest for 5min

* Do not use chemical disinfect.

* Clean the motor surface before autoclave .

slow speed dental handpiecedental micromotor

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Product R&D-Quality Inspection & Processing-Product Assembly Integrated Factory
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