• Low Speed Push Button 1.6mm FG Contra Angle
  • Low Speed Push Button 1.6mm FG Contra Angle
  • Low Speed Push Button 1.6mm FG Contra Angle
  • Low Speed Push Button 1.6mm FG Contra Angle
Low Speed Push Button 1.6mm FG Contra Angle


Product origin: CHINA

Delivery time: 3-5 DAYS

Supply capacity: 10000 PCS

Order code: CEN-11C
Packing List:
- Latch type Contra Angle handpiece:1/PCS
- Oil spray nozzle:1/PCS
- Cap Spanner:1/PCS
- English manual:1/PCS


Low Speed Push Button 1.6mm FG Contra Angle

Product name: Tealth 1:1 external irrigation 1.60mm FG push button contra angle

Order Code: CEN-11C

Gear ratio: 1:1

Chuck type: latch type

Bur size: 1.60mm FG bur

Water spray: External irrigation

Connector: ISO strandard E-type air motor


E-type Low-speed 1:1, with external cooling system

Air pressure

245~392kPa (2.5-4.0 kgf/cm²)

Atomized water pressure

200 kPa

Atomized air pressure

200 kPa

Rotation Speed

16 000~20 000r/min

Chuck type

Push button/ Latch type

Bur applicable

Φ2.334~2.350 mm



low speed contra angle

1.6mm bur contra angle

dental handpiece

[Handpiece inserting & removal]


Insert the E-type handpiece onto the motor and turning all the way until it click to stop.


Grip both handpiece and motor respectively, pulling and separating.

low speed contra angle


When water is needed, please connect the plastic tube with the water outlet of air motor, and connect the other end of the plastic tube with the irrigation tip. As the plastic tube is little bit long, please cut the tube according your situation.

1.6mm bur contra angle

[Maintenance & Care]

After each treatment, sterilizing handpiece in autoclave according to the following steps:

1. Remove the bur, use brush to clean handpiece, then cleaning outside of handpiece with alcohol solution.

2. Lubricate handpiece.

3. Package into autoclaving pouch.

4. Autoclave the handpiece for 12 min at 135℃.

5. Dental handpieces cannot be soaked in a disinfectant with acidic liquid. it will seriously damage the bearings and handpiece internal components

6. Do not use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean the dental handpiece.

7. It is not recommended to repair the dental handpiece by little experience person. For repairing, please return to the factory or send to the designated after-sales service maintenance office.

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